Frequently asked questions

How do referrals work?

You can read the full details here

In short when a user signs up using your referral code (which is your domain), both them and yourself will qualify for a free month of our pro tier once they've completed the onboarding process.

As we're still building the platform and account onboarding can't be completed yet, all referrals will show as pending referrals in the meantime.

For a referral to qualify, the referred account must complete the full onboarding process. This will mean confirming their email address + linking a stripe/paypal account.

What are credits? How will subscriptions to work?

Whilst we're in the early adopter phase and the platform is being build, all users will be on the pro tier free of charge.

If you enter a successful referral code during sign up, both you and your referrrer will get a referral credit which can be used for one month of pro/master tier subscription. Any credits you have will not be used until we begin charging for the platform.

What's your stance on NSFW art?

We want to empower artists as much as possible, this absolutely includes artists who work in the NSFW space! Our primary areas of concern are legality, and staying compliant with payment processors.


If you accept payments with PayPal, we generally don't recommend selling NSFW oriented content.


After liasing with Strip's Risk Operations Team, we're comfortable supporting transactions involving NSFW content so long as these additional clauses are met:

  • The content is not photography / a video of real humans.
  • The content is not connected to child sexual abuse or exploitation.
  • Your associated Stripe account is not from India, Malaysia, or UAE and the content does not otherwise breach terms of relevant payment providers.
  • The content is marked as “Adult only” when you upload it to our platform.
  • The content does not otherwise breach our terms or other content standards.
What's your stance on AI art?

As mentioned in our terms: "We do not allow any Artist Content created using artificial intelligence generators, or similar technologies, to be posted on"

AI Image generators are the key focus in this clause, as AI is a quickly advancing field there will likely be many new products launched which can help to improve artists and creators lives. Content generated with the assistance of those tools may be permissable in the future, if you're uncertain feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to chat about it.

Can you protect my images from being stolen by AI?

I wish it was as simple as saying "yes", however this is a very tricky technical problem so I'll explain what the problems are, what we can do about it, and what we're looking to potentially do in the future.

Bots: these are used to scrape content off of websites to be fed into AI training data sets. So the best thing would be to stop bots getting access in the first place right? We have sophisticated network techniques to protect against bot traffic; however bots have been a plague on the internet since it has existed, and keeping bots away is a constant game of cat and mouse with both sides innovating to beat the other. So keeping bots out isn't a fullproof plan (this also wouldn't stop someone visiting your page and copy/pasting the image).

Watermarking: The latest versions of AI models are becoming very good at removing watermarks on images, so this isn't a long term solution to protect against AI.

Image Modification: This is the most promissing looking field, as there have been tests of using AI to modify images and make them into basically garbage for other AIs to read. This is something we'll be keeping an eye on and might add to the platform in the future.

Quality: We automatically optimize all images uploaded to the site, lowering the resolution and quality of the image. This is done to improve the performance of your site so users on mobile devices or slow internet can load the page quickly (and hopefully convert into clients for you!), but also has the benefit of making images less useful for AI training data sets (but not useless).

Current situation: Unfortunately if you want to share your art online, there's a risk of it being stolen or used for something you don't like. The best thing to do is focus on growing your business, and making it as easy as possible for someone to find you and buy your creations.

How will compare to the many artist oriented platforms available today?

All of the below are great offerings which fill different needs for artists, what we're trying to do is offer something which is more of a 'happy middleground' between many of these.

Self host a Wordpress website

Whilst there's an abundance of cheap hosting available; Wordpress can be tricky and very time consuming to setup correctly. This can cause multiple problems like: being slow, looking unprofessional, doesn't work well on mobile devices, not accessible to disabled users, or even security vulnerabilities.

With our competitive pricing and generous free tier, you can have a personal site that's mobile responsive, fast, and does everything you need in one place, without being overwhelmed with too many options.

Website builders like Shopify/Wix

Shopify ($29/month + extra cost for plugins/themes) or Wix (£13[$17]/month) are great products, however their default setup doesn't support the unique income streams common to artists (eg commissions/subscriptions for exclusive content), meaning you need to spend some time setting them up/paying for extra plugins. They're also incredibly feature rich targetting a wide range of businesses, which means the extra cost you pay for these platforms is going towards a lot of features you're unlikely to need.

Our approach is to build what artists need, make it simple to use, and make it beautiful by default.

Large marketplaces/communities like RedBubble, ArtStation

These are great when (if) they drive traffic to your page, ArtStation in particular is great for the professional community and job opportunities.

Really we're not trying to compete with them directly, these sites are not substitutes for personal websites and normally only offer a subset of the features you need to operate your business and build your brand from.

Who are you and why should we trust you?

This isn't a random website with nameless figures behind it. Art.Page is a trading name of Artwisp Limited, a company registered in the UK with company number SC671528. This can be verified on the UK government website here:, we're also registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) under registration number ZB494042.

You use your own payment processor accounts, so funds go straight to your account, not via our bank. This means there's no wait time involved, no minimum payouts, and no risk of the website vanishing one day along with your money.

Is there a minimum payout, or cashout fees?

No this is powered entirely by Stripe/PayPal, their fees vary country to country. Art.Page does not charge any cashout fees or require any minimum payout amount.

For print on demand sales handled by Art.Page, there will be a delay in payout whilst the product is manufactured/delivered.