Referral Scheme

4th of August 2023

Being referred

When you create a new artist account with, you will have the option to enter a “referral code” during sign up. If you enter a valid code and complete your account setup (including linking a valid Stripe account), you will be awarded one Referral Credit (detailed below).

The referral scheme is available to new customers only. You will not qualify for a Referral Credit if you have previously held an artist membership.

Referring another artist

Your referral code can be found on your account dashboard:

When another qualifying artist creates an account and enters your referral code during sign up, they will be tracked as a “pending” referral which you can see on your dashboard.

Once they complete account setup and link their Stripe Account, the referral is completed and your account will shortly be credited with one Referral Credit (detailed below).

You get one Referral Credit for each qualifying artist you refer using your referral code.

Using Referral Credits

A Referral Credit can be used to get a discount from the Membership Fee for either the “Pro” or “Master” tier subscriptions. One Referral Credit equates to a discount in respect of one month’s Membership Fees on your chosen Membership tier so, if you are on an annual plan, you will receive a discount to the annual Membership Fee of 1/12 of the annual Membership Fees of your chosen tier per valid Referral Credit on your account.

Valid Referral Credit discounts on your account will automatically be applied towards your next payment of Membership Fees and we will still charge your card in respect of any outstanding sum after the discount has been applied.

If you are on an annual plan, multiple Referral Credits can be used at the same time up to a maximum of 12 which will mean no charge is applied for the applicable annual Renewal Period.

If you upgrade your membership during a Renewal Period, one Referral Credit will be used in lieu of the pro-rata’d payment for the current month that would normally be charged.

If you are currently on our “Hobby” tier subscription, the Referral Credits will be used only when you upgrade to either the “Pro” or “Master” tier subscriptions.

Limitations & Stipulations

A Referral Credit must be used within 24 months of being awarded to your account, and will expire unless used within that timescale.

Only one referral code can be used during sign up, you cannot enter multiple artists referral codes.

Referral Credits are not considered to have any cash value, and cannot be exchanged for cash or cash equivalent. reserves the right to revoke any and all Referral Credits or make any changes to the referral scheme at any time.

A user can only be referred one time. If any attempts are made to create multiple accounts and earn fraudulent Referral Credits, the user and all associated accounts may be terminated. It is at’s sole discretion to determine if a referral is fraudulent.